Zaka is a platform and community designed for immigrant individuals to advance in their careers and expand their knowledge.

Zaka is a membership community that fosters authentic connections among first and second generation immigrant professionals across a variety of industries. We provide highly vetted workshops, motivational content and a safe space where immigrant professionals can build a community with each other, industry leaders, recruiters to attain their professional vision instead of enduring the challenges that come with figuring it out for themselves.


Zaka is a platform and community for immigrants to gain knowledge, mentorship and coaching to attain and succeed in their careers. Part of what makes Zaka appealing to members is our access to top, global immigrant leaders across industries.



Zaka’s platform offers the full spectrum of resources, education, community and inspiring content needed for first and second generation immigrants to excel in their personal and professional lives.

ARTICLES about immigrant industry leaders, their experiences and advice. MINI-DOCUMENTARIES/ VIDEO CONTENT to highlight the journeys of immigrant leaders in short format. PODCASTS to provide interactive interviews and conversations with immigrant industry leaders.

WORKSHOPS on career advancement topics (professional branding, cultural differences in the professional world , negotiating your salary and promotion, etc). Interactive and intimate Q & A SESSIONS with industry leaders. “WHAT I WISH I KNEW…” segment from industry leaders Zaka highlights weekly/monthly.

Zaka provides an AUTHENTIC SPACE where immigrants can build community with each other and industry leaders. Zaka connects minority talents with recruiters and job opportunities. ACCESS to coaches who specialize in coaching minority professionals.



Build community with fellow immigrant professionals, top immigrant leaders, recruiters and coaches.


Acquire knowledge in critical areas that will help you become a better professional and attain your professional vision.


Engage with top, immigrant leaders who will provide you with the blueprint for person and professional success.

“My Journey” shares inspiring and motivational stories from the successful leaders within the first and second generation community in America. We are surrounded by heroes everywhere we go, from our teachers, farmers, lawyers, small business owners, chefs, doctors and fitness trainers etc. “My Journey” is a safe, authentic and vulnerable space where these leaders share their incredible experiences. The mission behind sharing these stories and strategies is to inspire and provide the blueprint for how first and second-generation immigrants can attain their professional vision instead of enduring the challenges that comes with figuring it out for themselves.

My Journey: Aisha Losche

SVP of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Hill Holliday, Aisha Losche is responsible for the overall  DEI strategy for the agency across the entire employee experience. She works closely with the CEO to  nurture DEI partnerships.  With these partnerships, she makes significant impact in unifying and guiding Hill Holliday employees through programs that push for action and accountability, champion inclusion and allyship, and ultimately contribute to a more inclusive culture not just within the organization, but across the industry at-large.

Aisha speaks about her journey how she climbed to the top and what corporations can do to empower their minority employees.

My Journey: Rafael Rodriguez Morales


Rafael Morales is a Grammy winning musician from Puerto Rico. He is the lead trumpet player for SOJA, and  he was introduced to music at an early age singing in church with his parents. In this episode, Rafa shares a lot of his journey and goes into the historical origins of some of the most popular music of Puerto Rican culture. He shares his inspiration and philosophy to work hard and make it as a musician, and talks about personal things like some of his favorite musicians, what the experience was like to win a Grammy after being nominated 2 times previously, and some of his advice to young aspiring musicians.

Rafa has worked with mega producer Super Dubs on tracks for Sean Paul, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Collie Buddz and Drake.

My Journey: Jean Giovanni Maurice


Gio joins us to speak about his education growing up in Haiti and how that influenced him when he moved to the US at the age of 11.  As one of the few Black Engineers, in the US, he speaks about his appreciation attending an HBCU, Tuskegee University. He learned so much interning for the Department of Energy in DC and Exxon Mobile in New Orleans. Because of his hard work and dedication, he received an offer from Exxon Mobil, the start of his senior year in college. Working for a fortune 500 company right after college was a blessing that he could not imagine.

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