Zaka is proud to partner with Brij the Gap Consulting to provide the Zaka community with career development and advancement education. Brij the Gap has worked with underrepresented minorities across various seniorities, industries and functions to help personally and professionally develop and advance their careers through a variety of strategic programs and workshop offerings. Brij the Gap’s clients include Glassdoor, Meta, Nike/Converse, Visa, Lionsgate, Morgan Stanley, Reddit and several others.

Interrupting Defeating Mindsets In Your Professional Journey

Building the Foundations of Your Professional Brand: Part 1

Building the Foundations of Your Professional Brand: Part 2 - Culture Contributors

Building the Foundations of Your Professional Brand: Part 3 - Interests

Building the Foundations of Your Professional Brand: Part 4 - Strengths

Building the Foundations of Your Professional Brand: Part 5 - Skills

Self Advocacy Pt 1: The Hidden Power of Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy Pt 2: Mastering the Art of Self Advocacy

Prioritizing Wellness for Advancement

The Art of Negotiation: Creating Your Ask

The Art of Negotiation Part 2: Presenting Your Ask

The Art of Negotiation Part 3: Negotiating Your Ask

Why Your 1:1 Meetings are Critical to Your Success

How to have Successful 1:1 Meetings with Leaders

How to Not Be Blindsided During Performance Reviews

Creating Your Personal Board of Directors

How to Create Mutally Beneficial Relationships with Mentors and Sponsors

The Power of Rest When Seeking Your Next Opportunity

Elevator pitch Pt 1: The Importance of Having and Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch Pt 2: Creating Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch Pt 3: How to Leverage Your Elevator Pitch in Different Professional Environments

Maintaining Momentum in Your Career Conversations

Hard feedback part 1: How to Receive Hard Feedback

Hard feedback part 2:How to Give Hard Feedback

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“My Journey” shares inspiring and motivational stories from the successful leaders within the first and second generation community in America. We are surrounded by heroes everywhere we go, from our teachers, farmers, lawyers, small business owners, chefs, doctors and fitness trainers etc. “My Journey” is a safe, authentic and vulnerable space where these leaders share their incredible experiences. The mission behind sharing these stories and strategies is to inspire and provide the blueprint for how first and second-generation immigrants can attain their professional vision instead of enduring the challenges that comes with figuring it out for themselves.

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Paul Herman

Born and raised in the South Bronx Paul Herman, The Prince of Motivation fell in love with the belief that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. With the birth of Hip Hop, Paul quickly took an interest in dance and started his journey as an entertainer. While pursuing dance his parents instilled in him at a young age the value of an education, which led him to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. Paul graduated with a Business Management and Marketing degree from the Jack Welch School of Business and found himself working in sales and marketing for some of the most distinguished companies in Fairfield County. Although Paul found success in the corporate world he knew his true desire was to succeed as an entertainer, teacher, and motivator. He knew he needed to take a risk and follow his heart; a path which opened so many doors and has given him the life he always dreamed of.  

 Paul’s dance career took him from the South Bronx to stages across the world including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe, performing alongside prominent artists such as Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Kat Deluna, Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Eve, and Ciara. Paul was a featured artist in Reebok’s “Your Move”, “A Tribute to Motown” at Carnegie Hall, Good Morning America with Flo Rida, and Nick Cannon’s Red Nose Danceathon on NBC. 

With a passion for entertainment and years of experience building a successful business, coaching winning teams, and studying the industry, Paul has ventured on to his latest endeavor, Press Play Motivation, founded in 2020. As The Prince of Motivation he can be seen motivating and MC-ing weddings, Hosting fashion shows, Mentoring individuals and artistic groups, providing instruction as a Movement Coach to movers of all levels and ages, or inspiring diverse audiences on stage with his animated Motivational speeches. Ultimately Paul has poured his infectious personality, mentorship ideals, motivational mindset, and his passion for dance into a company focused on inspiring while promoting diversity through music and movement.



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